Coding / Programming / Software development


The Code Project Great articles about C++/C#/.NET (english)
Catch22 Source & articles about Win32 Coding (english)
NeHe Productions Best OpenGL tutorials worldwide (english)
Algorithms for programmers Here you can download the book 'Algorithms for programmers' for free. Work in progress, but even now already good (english)
Dick Baldwin's Coding Tuts Nice Code Snippets for Java and C++ (english)
Bit Twiddling Hacks Awesome code snippets for bit manipulations (english)
Beginner’s Resources to Learn Programming Languages Nice link collection of (beginner) educational tutorial to get started with HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby (english)
An Overview of Popular Programming Languages Another collection of interesting links to various articles about modern and popular programming languages (english)


Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage Best Win32 Assembly Tutorials ever! (english)
MASM32 Official Homepage Official homepage of MASM32 package (english)
[] Tutorials and sources written in win32asm (english)
Win32ASM Community messageboard Win32ASM forum (english)
Flat Assembler Homepage of flat assembler, check out the examples (english)
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Reverse Code Enginnering

Reverse Engineering Team Site of the RE-team (english)
BiW Reversing Crackmes, Tutorials, Challenges & a lot more (english)
Crackmes Biggest crackme archive (the longest running and most complete Crackmes web page on the internet!) (english)
NTCore's Homepage Very good articles about .NET & coding stuff, home of CFF Explorer (english)
Ollydbg Home of the famous Ring3 debugger Ollydbg (english)
Tuts4You Great site with a huge download section (english)
ARTeam High-quality tutorials and even more... (english)
Fravia's Website The site of a legend.. nothing more to say (english)
Fravia's reversing site Mirror of the original reversing site of Fravia (english)
Phrack Magazine Magazine about reverse code engineering, computer security and more (english)
[A]rab [T]eam 4 [R]everse [E]ngineering Arabian Reversing Engineering Team (english)
Blackstorm Team BlackStorm Reverse Engineering Team Portal(english)
Exetools (frozen) One of the older sites. A lot of unpackers and tools. (english)
Krobar's Collection of Cracking Tutorials (frozen) Biggest tutorial archive on the net, I think! (english)
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Coding Horror The best blog in the world wide web! (english)
Mark Russinovich's technical blog Covering topics such as Windows troubleshooting, technologies and security (english)
HackerBoss Nice blog for software developer (english)
The Old New Thing Awesome blog for (Windows) developers (english)
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Miscellanous Links

Friends & Personal

Vector Informatik GmbH The company where I am currently working (english)
Hairloft Heilbronn The own hairdressershop of my sister in Heilbronx... Thanks for styling my hair :-) (german)
Muhammad Shafique @ CES University Karslruhe The site of Shafique, my mentor during my diploma thesis. (english)
Bertrandt NSU My former employer... (german)
RapidSolution Software Cool software company in Karlsruhe. I worked there for more than a year. (german)
Informatics I Tutorial The homepage of my Informatics tutorial (associated to the lecture Informatics I) number 24 which I held in winter 07/08 at the university Karlsruhe. (german)


Trackmania Exchange for TM Forever Best site concerning the new Trackmania Nations Forever (english)
Blogger Create your own blog for free! Very easy to use and cool layout... if you wanna start a blog, that's definitly worth to check out (german)
Hugi Magazine about the demoscene (english)
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