StoneBreak - A Simple Breakout clone

* How to play

Well, for all of you knowing Breakout games there is not much to tell... for all others: Moving the mouse moves the paddle left or right- your goal is to destroy all bricks without losing the ball. Clicking the right mouse button pauses the game; the left mouse button 'fires' in case you have collected this so-called 'special item'. In case you are lucky, a destroyed brick drops a special item / bonus in case it is collected with you paddle such as an extra life and... oh no, find it out by yourself!

* Offline Use & Leveleditor

For playing Stonebreak offline, just download following package:

Download Package for offline playing (47 kb, incldues game and leveleditor)

This contains the same four webpages with different resolutions like above. By the way, it's no problem to configure your desired resolution of the applet yourself by editing the html code. Just change both width values in the html file to your width:

<applet code="StoneBreak.StoneBreakApplet.class" width="800" height="600" archive="StoneBreak.jar">
<param name=GameWidth value="1000">

The parameter GameWidth is evaluated when the game is started and resizes itself appropriately. Note that the width-height-ratio is fixed to 4:3, that's why the width value is sufficient.
The width and height values of the applet have also to be specified so that your browser correctly displays the applet. Here you have to calculate the height value yourself with height = width * 3 / 4.

Also included is a leveleditor which can be used to alter the exisiting levels or create new ones. It has a clearly arranged GUI and does its job - here a screenshot:

Download StoneBreak Leveleditor including C source code (18kb)

* Technical information

This applet was coded in Java using Netbeans 6.8. No images were used at all, everything is drawn by code using the Graphics2D class which improves loading time of the apple. Interested in the source code, huh? Here it is!

Download StoneBreak source code (142kb)

* Will the applet be updated ?

No, that's it I think - too less time and developing this game took already much spare time. Although I have still following points in mind which might be worthy to be implemented:

Now start playing and have fun!

Sunshine, June 2k11

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