Rasterising Lines, Circles and Ellipes - Bresenham Algorithms

Download Applet with Source (42kb)

Download my Article "Notes About Rasterizing Lines And Circles" (570kb)

This applet demonstrates how to rasterise lines, circles and ellipse applying different algorithms - bad and slow ones, but also nice and faster ones. I will not describe them in detail, look at the links below and investigate the source code - then you will learn the most and see the differences between the various approaches.

Of course, I didn't re-invented the wheel, but I coded the line and circle algorithms by myself. But I have to admit that I wanted to add the ellipse functionality for completeness and I borrowed the implementation from [3] - by the way an awesome article.


[1] Bresenham's line algorithm @wikipedia
[2] University of North Carolina - Introduction to computer graphics Fall '96- lecture 6 and 7
[3] John Kennedy - A Fast Bresenham Type Algorithm For Drawing Ellipses

Sunshine, November 2k10

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