Project "Sunshine's Brainfuck Studio"

Date : April 2007 - Start : January 2k7

Version : 0.61

Current Status
: Version: 0.61 [frozen]

Requirements : Windows with .NET Framework, at least version 1.1

: C#

IDE : Visual Studio 2003 with .NET Framework v1.1

Source available : YES

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Description :
Finally I decided to dive into .NET, especially C#. As first project I chose a simple Brainfuck interpreter with IDE. I accidentally stumpled over this language at this wikipedia article.


The number of memory cells is fixed at 30000 cells. The datatype of the cells is not yet changeable. It's currently int, so the values can also be negative.
Except the eight brainfuck commands all other characters in the source are ignored when interpreting. You can also explicitly specify a line as command with a semicolon.

* Visualization
* Syntax highlighting for brainfuck commands
* Step & 'run-to-cursor' mode
* Line comments (with semicolon)
* Drag'n Drop ability
* associate to *.b files

* Interpretation and syntax coloring is quite slow
* Scrolling of memtable/mempanel must be improved
* Undo feature in source text box does not work :-(
* Datatype of cells is fixed on 32Bit Integer.

* 25 April 2007: Version 0.61
   - ability to choose datatype for memory cells : (signed) byte, (signed) short, signed int
   - added an ascii table tabpage

* 23 February 2007: intitial release

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