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Logical Operations on Bits

LogOps screenhot Date : April 2003

Source available : YES

Description :
A little tool which performs a logical AND, OR or XOR operation on the both values you enter. My first program written in assembly ever.

Download Executable & Source (6KB)

Self-deleting executable

SelfDel screenhot Date : April 2003

Source available : YES

Description :
Example of a self-deleting executable using the batch-file method: The exe file writes a .bat file to disk and executes it. The .bat contains a loop trying to delete the exe file. When exe file is closed, the bat file will delete it. After that the .bat file deletes itself (yes .bat files can delete itself!). Known bug: directory where the exe file resides in must not contain spaces!

Thanks go to Mr.reCoder for correcting a bug. Now it works also with long pathnames including spaces (Version 1.1).

Download Executable & Source (Initial Version) (5KB, March 2003)
Download Executable & Source (Version 1.1) (5KB, March 2009)

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